Rug Underpad


An extra layer of cushioning between your rug and the floor increases the comfort and extends the life span of your rug.

  • Enhances appearance retention
  • Cushion under foot for added comfort
  • Sound-absorbing
  • Offers insulation
  • Thermo-bonded surface
  • Non-allergic
  • Resists bacterial growth
  • Environmentally friendly
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Our fine rug underlay and Underpad extend the life of your rug and protect your floors or carpeting. We've selected the best pads, all with a Good Housekeeping Seal and manufacturer's warranty. These rug pads will not harm your rugs or your floors. Rug pads help with vacuuming by providing increased air flow and working with your vacuum cleaner to remove dirt. This is why rug pads extend the life of your area rug. Additionally, they help keep your rugs safely in place.


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The best pad you could buy for your rug. Karastan waffled Down Underpad provides superior slip resistance between rug and floor.

We treat your rugs like they were our own.

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